We’re moving!

As a result of an expansion programme, we’ll be bidding farewell to our offices in Zabbar.

Y Ltd Managing Director, Gordon Pace summed this momeent up in the following facebook post;

"A bit of an emotional moment here at Y as we prepare to move office. It all started 6 years ago in a home office, then moved here. Back then it was a massive office for 1, then 2, 3, 4. As Y keeps growing, so does the team.

In the coming days Team Y will be made up of 8 full timers and 21 other professionals whom I have the pleasure of calling colleagues. Its an incredible journey which brings along continuous challenges, excitement, stress, laughter, but mostly, creativity.

I will never ever forget this place and all those who were part of this adventure...""

In view of this move, Y Ltd’s office will be closed from today till Sunday.

Operations will resume normally as from Monday from our new offices in Luqa.

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