Fiera l-Kbira – just wow!

Fiera l-Kbira keeps getting bigger, better and stronger. Though quite young of age, the fair is considered to be Malta’s largest commercial fair.

18 july, 2016 (1).jpg

As the curtain came down on it’s third edition, both organisers and exhibitors were quite satisfied with attendance and sales concluded on site.

Over 220 exhibitors participated in this years Fiera l-Kbira, offering the general public literally hundreds of special fair offers.

Needless to say, we are quite proud to have offered our services yet again to the Fiera l-Kbira. Our Marketing strategy worked out quite well and the intended targets have been successfully achieved as thousands of people and families visited the fair.

This success was also echoed in our online strategy with an increase of over 2,500 likes in two weeks on the facebook page which also enjoyed a record reach. This was in turn reflected on a browsing record achieved by the Fiera l-Kbira website.

18 july, 2016 (2).jpg

You can watch some walkabout videos by clicking here

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