4 awards for Y Ltd! Poker!

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During the annual Business Malta International (Malta) business awards, held at Xara Lodge, Y Ltd was presented with no less than 4 awards!

The annual awards night is meant to award the best performing members.

In a short speech, Gordon Pace, Y Ltd’s Managing Director, thanked BNI Malta and it’s members while encouraging all to follow the givers gain philosophy which eventually results in increased business while providing clients with the best possible service through trusted business partners.

Gordon praised the level of service offered by the BNI Malta members and presented the evening’s toast during which he wished all business directors present to feel the same enthusiasm and excitement felt when their very first client confirmed the first job. He encouraged everyone to actively contribute towards a stronger community, the same community which places trust in the services they offer.

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BNI Malta National Director, David Bullock, praised Gordon’s commitment and business sense and congratulated him for the record number of awards received.

Last year Gordon Pace was nominated as BNI Malta Ambassador. He currently serves as a National Board Member within the Malta Red Cross.

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