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Who is Y?

Y Ltd is the result of experience gained throughout the years in various sectors. The company’s Managing Director has been entrusted to manage and coordinate various national and macro projects ranging from national fundraising events, such as l-Istrina to various Public Relations and Marketing projects within the public and private sectors.

Our Commitment

Y was set up with the intention of providing the best possible service to its clients. This is our commitment. Y Ltd accepts only a selected number of clients thus allowing the company to better focus on the task at hand and therefore produce the best possible results.

Why Y?

Why not ?! Whatever it is you are doing or planning to do, you have asked yourself the one question that starts up a whole thinking process – why ? Any answer to that question will provide you with information, data, which can then be written down, planned for and finally acted upon. There couldn’t have been a better name for a company created to generate possibilities and explore opportunities!

Our Services

See the magic

Our Services

Public Relations

It’s all about relations. Whatever our age and whatever we do in life, relationships shape your experiences, attitudes, behaviours and achievements.  With this in mind we welcome you to Y Ltd, a company made up of experiences created through relationships.

The most successful achievers and achievements have a common ground – a strong public profile.  This is what Public Relations is about.

Through our various tailor-made services, we will strengthen your profile, which in turn result in a stronger, improved reputation.

We will work with you in a discrete, confidential manner, while using our experience to maximize a potential you already have.

Ghost Writing

writing of speeches and articles which can then be published in your name.


provision of group or personal training on best PR practices and techniques. This is a very vast service which ranges from preparation of a PR strategy to personal training for media appearances, image and public speaking.

Your Headline (media coverage)

you might just be sitting on a main news item. We spot, and place, news-value stories. Whatever your story is, it’s interesting. We have the right contacts to give you related media coverage.

Press Conferences

complete organization of press conferences. This service ranges from spotting the story to issuing of press call, coaching of delivery, choosing venue to actual delivery.

Media Contacts

we enjoy a strong reputation within the media environment, both on individual and organizational level. This relationship is built on strong respect for work ethics and trust. Being selective on who to work for, we proudly extend our reputation to help you build contacts where it matters, generating not only long-lasting results but also possibilities of commercial or personal relations.

PR Strategy

any business or personality should have a PR strategy which can be calculated with clear goals. After analysing your operations, we will develop your customised strategy in line with your branding, policies and existing plans. We will then either coach a member of your team for its implementation or implement it ourselves.

Press Releases

spotting press release material, writing and distribution of press releases.

Communications Audit

The success of most business organisations, as well as personalities, highly depends on the internal and external communication flow and related outcome. While analysing your communication processes, we will prepare a report with suggestions on how to achieve better results by making the most of your team members’ skills.

Crisis Management

Sometimes things go terribly wrong and one ends up with undesired attention for all the wrong reasons. This service will help you make the most of the situation by setting up a strong communications plan to deal with the situation, while making sure that your message gets through.

Executive Positioning

Positioning you as an expert in their field.

Ancillary Services

Filming, Editing, Photography, Social Media Management


You believe that what you are doing has potential.  Our services aim to be of assistance when you decide that it’s time to let others know of this potential.  Whether it’s a specific product or your brand, we provide a vast array of services, which can be complimented by our PR services.

Project, Campaign Management

If you know what you would like to achieve, we can help you achieve it. Without taking too much of your time we will make sure to understand your goals through an initial meeting, after which we will present you with our proposals. Once we decide the way forward, then its up to us to deliver according to an established timeline.

We guarantee a punctual, professional and affordable delivery.


Our photographers, chosen specifically for your job, will be at your services according to the project being followed. The final shots are of course yours to keep, even if you intend to use them for other projects.

Filming, Editing, Graphic Design

Our team is complimented with award winning videographers and editors who will use their experience to satisfy the needs and wants requested by our plans to make sure your project succeeds, and your target audience is reached. Our graphic designers will also be at your service, using their artistic skills to create a project reflecting your needs.


Our scriptwriters are experienced in news items (broadcast and printed), speeches, story writing, adverts, promos, movies and TV serials. This experience is being placed at your service.

Media Consultancy

Placing adverts doesn’t only mean checking on audience shares. We offer understanding of the media and its’ resources, which allows to to better appreciate the various audiences, related demographics and communication trends, thus leading to an improved communication process.

Our Process

You are a serious company. You deserve a serious solution.
We'll be there from the beginning to the very end.

  • Meet client and understand the specific needs

  • Team Y develops strategy

  • Strategy presentation to client

  • Strategy implementation

  • Analysis of results obtained and further strategy development

Latest News


Oct 2018

1,500 employed through Career Days

We are proud to announce that we have reached a massive milestone – no less than 1,500 people have been employed through the 15 Career Days we have organised so far. The success rate has been amazing to say the least. The concept proved to be successful since the very first career day was held in Zabbar in 2016....

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Oct 2018

About Aircraft, Ravioli and Codes!

What a super day! It was time for some quality time for Team Y… We started the day with a visit to the Air Control Tower at Malta International Airport, where we had a tour around the premises. It was great to see how the air controllers can speak to pilots miles up in the sky and to witness the other side of safely guiding aircraft using the Maltese air space....

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Oct 2018

Thank you Danielle

We were lucky enough to meet Danielle Lord last year during our Career Day in Zabbar. It happened to be just a few days after she moved from the UK to Malta. Within two weeks she was working at our office as a full time office administrator....

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Oct 2018

Maypole goes Pink!

Team Maypole has gone pink for breast cancer awareness month as part of the Pink October campaign. All Maypole team members at our outlets will be wearing pink t-shirts so as to remind our clients about the importance of this month....

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